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Bruce Crane

$25.00 Raised $175.00 More to go
Goal: $200.00
Rank: 81

Mustaches that Matter 2017 is now finished.

Thank you for helping us raise over $50,000 to support families in adoption.

(Still looking to give? Donate to the adoption fund)

My motivation for growing a mustache is to help raise money for this worthy cause. I have only had a mustache once in my 35+ years of marriage, and that was the first time we did Mustaches that Matter. My wife is younger than I, and has always looked younger than her age. Before we got married I had a mustache, and someone thought that Becky was my daughter! I don’t want people to think that my wife is my daughter, so I don’t do facial hair! But I know many families who have adopted, and I am willing to suffer this indignity for a short time for this cause! The quicker I reach my goal, the quicker I can shave! PLEASE SUPPORT MY MUSTACHE SO I CAN SHAVE AND NOT BE THOUGHT TO BE MY WIFE'S DAD!

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Bruce Crane left a donation of $25.00.
Jo Webster left a donation of $100.00.
Becky Gehling left a donation of $20.00.
Curt and Evelyn left a donation of $20.00.
Someone left a donation of $10.00.
Someone left a donation of $5.00.
Wendy Turner left a donation of $10.00.
Wanda & Jan Becker left a donation of $10.00.
Oscar Ferdinand left a donation of $1.00.